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Doug Ramsey

Founder & CEO

Doug is an executive leader in the data & analytics space, with 30+ years of experience across multiple sectors in both Client and Consulting senior leadership roles


Doug has driven multiple transformational initiatives across industry sectors, with a focus on leveraging data & analytics to help drive change and enable differentiation from "vision to value".      

Clients include leading firms in the Financial Services, Health Care, Bio Research, Technology, Environmental Services and Transportation sectors 

Neville Moses

Neville is a technology entrepreneur and digital venture builder. He is the co-founder of RaisinBread, a digital agency disrupting the commercial insurance marketplace.   

As a consultant CTO for one of the fastest growing Specialty Insurers in the US, Neville led the technology strategy and implementation of a cloud-only data-first, digital platform

As a technology executive for Nationwide Insurance, he led technology and data teams across data & analytics disciplines, and also led the launch of a new personal lines carrier 

During 12 years at Cap Gemini Ernst & Young and Thoughtworks, he led multiple engagements, from strategy through execution  across multiple multi-national teams 

Co-Founder & Principal

Janna Hart

Janna brings more than 15 years as a distinguished leader in analytics and data science, with a significant focus on providing transformational AI-driven solutions around internal audit, payment integrity and operational efficiency.  Janna has also been at the forefront of driving differentiating solutions around platform modernizations, data strategy, and smart audit implementations.


Janna’s efforts have consistently delivered substantial value, with ongoing value delivery in excess of $40M year over year.  In addition, Janna has also been a thought leader within the Healthcare Fraud Prevention Partnership (HFPP).  


As a founding partner at Previsant Insights, Janna continues to bring her wealth of experience to bear, offering innovative and impactful solutions that redefine industry standards and drive sustained success for her clients.

Founding Partner

Satya Sachdeva

Satya has over 25 years of experience developing innovative solutions using AI, Data, and Analytics to address complex business problems across various verticals. With expertise in AI/ML, Generative AI, Data Strategies, Data Governance, Data Lakes, Warehousing Architecture, Cloud Data Technologies, Data Quality, Metadata, Master Data Management, and Data Engineering, Satya offers a vast reservoir of knowledge

Satya has consistently provided thought leadership, guiding organizations in their transition from traditional BI to AI. His innovative solutions have empowered Fortune 500 companies to enhance their customer experience, drive digital innovation, improve operational efficiencies, and establish new revenue models

Founding Partner

Brian Ng

Brian is an accomplished Business and Technology Leader in data & AI with 25+ years of extensive strategic advisory, hands-on implementation, and value delivery experience for Fortune 500 companies in financial services, healthcare, & retail specializing in data-driven digital transformation.  


Brian has played key leadership roles in driving growth in several Global and North America data & analytics consultancies. In early 2000 as part of the Health and Operation & Delivery leadership, Brian helped transform Knightsbridge Solutions from a regional specialty firm to leading global BI consultancy. As Global Director of Data & Analytics Transformation for Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, Brian was responsible for worldwide data & analytics service development and GTM for HPE.  Most recently before joining Previsant, Brian led the Retail Data & AI practice for Accenture Canada.   

Founding Partner

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